The name is derived from a simple control loop of training planning

A = Analysieren (Analyse)
Z= Zielsetzung (Goal)
U = Umsetzung (Realization)
M = Monitoring

The software was developed during the last 15 years and contains inputs by lots of considerable coaches and trainers.

What does it need for an individual training planning, what are the challenges for a coach to plan trainings, how can i finally replace my Excel training schedule?
Those were the frequently asked questions among coaches, which led to the development of the training and coaching software AZUM System.

With AZUM System lots of administrative tasks can be optimized and facilitated. For instance an email is sent to the coach if the athlete has a competition on the next day, or an invoice for a service can be sent via the app. The athlete can register exactly when he can train for how long, e.g. in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon or in the evening - which facilitates individual planning very much.