AZUM system, the number one for training and nutrition planning

What does it take for individual training planning? What does the perfect diet look like in everyday life and in training? Every athlete is unique! These are big challenges for a coach to look after each of his athletes individually.
That’s why AZUM system was developed for training and nutrition planning!

The name AZUM was derived from the simple control loop for coaching:

The AZUM system software has been developed over the last 15 years. Inputs from well-known coaches and coaches make AZUM a flexible planning tool for sports and nutrition.

Use this knowledge to optimize performance, work-life balance and health. Whether as a coach, therapist or athlete: AZUM system supports you!

Whether coach, nutritionist or athlete, with AZUM system you benefit equally from the comprehensive planning tool!

Why switch to AZUM system?

Use the entire AZUM system structure and still remain individual. The integrated features you always have the overview! So you do not need any additional tools for your administration or the nutrition planning and therefore you always have the costs under control!

Are you still monitoring or are you already planning?

With AZUM system, the collected training data per athlete are clearly arranged. So you can always work with current data.

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