Anine Hell: “I want to finish first, always!”

The first time I had the pleasure of getting to know Anine, the energy caught on. The Schleswig-Holstein native is bursting with power and curiosity. This has already given her a colourful life, for which she is deeply grateful. Especially the triathlon has enriched it in many ways: “I finished my first triathlon with my parents in a team. That frightened me – after all, I started in running shoes (!) on the bike – and at the same time brought me a lot of joy. Today, it is a significant part of my life. I am always learning and drawing inspiration from the people who accompany me on this journey”.

“I didn’t exactly plan to start there”

Originally, Anine comes from team sports. She played handball for a long time, combined the training with runs to the sports hall. She soon realized that endurance sports suited her. Running was soon complemented in her youth with a second discipline. In Canada she bought a racing bike from her internship money. The first middle distance came (her talent gave her a free spot on the starting list), followed by a significant moment in her career: the start in 70.3 Jönköping (Sweden) in 2016. With her father and brother at her side to support her, Anine participated without pressure: “I competed with my racing bike, as always and everywhere”. It was going to be her day! As an Age-Grouper she qualified for the 2017 World Championship in Chattanooga. This milestone took her by surprise at first: “I had no idea that a qualification was possible at the event in Jönköping and therefore I didn’t consciously have a qualification for the Championship on my radar”. During the year’s preparation for Chattanooga, the realisation grew, that qualifying for it was no coincidence: “I figured I was not bad at triathlon.”

Sport is an energy pool

She never rests on her laurels, though. Anine starts every race in her mind from zero and with the will to cross the finish line first. This allows her to stay on track and to develop herself personally and physically. Every day she taps into these personal energy reserves: “Sport is a constant in my life, which always brings me back to myself from various situations.” This anchor lets her juggle two jobs and intensive training sessions: “If you have this willpower that puts everything else second, you just stick to it”, says the professional athlete about her personal attitude. Anine needs this spirit. The world in which she moves demands a lot from her. Athletes don’t spare themselves anything. Talent alone is no longer sufficient; the sport has developed strongly in the past four years. What counts is who has been able to constantly work on every aspect of the preparation phase. Physis and mind have to be balanced. When you surround yourself with people who have a similar mindset, moments of strength naturally arise that facilitate this process. She creates these moments with her friends, among others. “I am lucky to know some wonderful women without whom I would not be where I am now.” Her friends, family and close circle of supporters will back Anine up in showing top performance again at the six planned middle distances for 2020.

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