Michael Pfanner about AZUM system

Leistungssporttrainer Michael Pfanner

“Nutrition – a very important part in terms of athletic performance”

Sportcoach Michael Pfanner is pleased about the new nutritional function of AZUM. His nutrition and exercise practice Nutriteam coaches athletes at all levels. Their goal is to provide customers with concrete training plans and nutritional inputs.

“We never want to dictate to customers what they should eat, but just point out possibilities!”

To implement this idea, Michael and his colleagues count on the functionality of AZUM. “Customers should be able to independently recognize their calorie needs and cover them in a sensible way,” says Michael Pfanner. “With AZUM we can get this information across to our customers in an effective way. They can follow our nutritional guidelines and simultaneously keep an eye on their energy expenditure, ultimately maintaining their energy balance. The prescribed intake of macro-nutrients can be achieved through custom meals based on information from the Swiss nutritional database.” Michael’s goal is to continually expand the nutrition database, so the tool should be designed to allow you to enter the quantities of macro-nutrients in detail and then on the appropriate foods are displayed.

“Further, AZUM provides an ideal opportunity to give the athlete precise input about the necessary food intake for their training and competitions.” This design is optimal for setting up refueling strategies because of the precise calculation of active energy consumption.

In the future, Michael sees a growing market in online nutritional services.

Michael sees in the future a strong increase in online nutritional advice. “We think that the demand for location-independent consulting is growing continuously. To keep up, we see AZUM as a good option. ”

We would like to thank nutriteam, especially Michael Pfanner, for the great feedback!