nutrition in strength sports

Create menus and meals

With the latest update you can plan complete menus and meals for yourself and your athletes. We have created a few codes for you to test. Just follow the instructions:

  1. copy the complete code
  2. open your agenda
  3. click on a day and select ‘create nutrition’
  4. insert the code
  5. choose to save
  6. adjust to your liking

Breakfast code
5tbs haferflocken, 200ml milch_teilentrahmt,1p birne_roh,1tbs rosine_getrocknet
Lunch code
60g teigwaren_ohne_ei_vollkorn_1,1b tomatensauce,1tbs parmesan,2p karotte_roh,1tbs olivenol,1tsp essig,100g fruchtsalat_ungezuckert
Afternoon code
1h cashewnuss,1c milchkaffee_ungezuckert
Dinner code
60g reis_parboiled_trocken,130g lachs_wild_roh,150g broccoli_roh

In the video below, you find more information on how to use the feature!
The coding is just available in German right now! (English update soon)

Overview of the abbreviations for creating meals
g= gram
kg =kilogram
dl = deciliter
l= liter
ml = milliliter
p = peace
h = (handfull)
b = Bowl (300 ml)
tbs = tabelspoon (20ml)
c = 1 cup (150ml)
tsp = teaspoon (5ml)
db = bottle (800ml)
gl = glass (200ml)