Energy consumption and nutrition

Energy consumption: detailed training planning

Truly optimize your athletes’ performance! AZUM’s feature list now includes a new function related to energy consumption and nutrition. This means you can add the active energy consumption for different sports to your training planning. If you know how much energy an athlete expends at a specific intensity, you can simply enter this in the information sheet of the athlete. Afterwards AZUM takes care the rest! That way AZUM calculates the energy consumption for the given training content. From now on, coaches and athletes can always trace the energy balance. The bottom line is that you know exactly how much energy you’ve consumed and can refill accordingly. The new feature introduces numerous opportunities for you to plan your training and competitions even better! Now you have the perfect nutritional strategy for every situation!

Thanks to the compatibility of AZUM with INSCYD, you can directly import the INSCYD diagnostic results. Thus, the whole process is even easier, and you can get started right away. Let’s go to new heights!

AZUM even more flexible

In addition, AZUM contains a food database. Based on the data of the Swiss Nutrition Society, the exact nutritional values ​​are stored for countless foods. This allows you to write precise nutrition plans! As a result, you can create and save individual meals and diets, from one-time interventions up to plans for several weeks. Choose the desired foods and their amount, and AZUM will show you the energy (kcal, carbs, fat). In combination with the function for energy consumption, AZUM creates a detailed energy balance. All to improve the performance of your athletes even more!

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