FAQ - Setup

  • Select the tab Profile and click on “Edit Profile”.
  • Select “Personal Information”. 
  • Here you can enter and change your data.
  • Then select “Contact” to store your contact details.
  • Select the tab Profile an click “View profile”. 
  • Here  you can change or reset your password.
  • Click  on and select the desired language.
  • Click on Profile and select “View profile”.
  • Select  to connect AZUM system with Strava.
  • If you want all your activities (visible for “Everyone”, for “Followers” and “Only you”) to be synchronized with AZUM system, then make sure you tick the box
  • If you only want to synchronize the publicly visible trainings with AZUM system, tick the box only.
  • Then select
  • Click on Profil and choose “View profile”. 
  • Copy the existing Sync-URL.
  • Subscribe to the AZUM calendar in your calendar application (see the instructions of the respective provider).
  • Click on Profile and choose “View profile”. Then select if you want to delete your AZUM system account irrevocably.
  • This function is only available for selfcoaches and basic athletes. Please contact the AZUM team at info@azum.ch if you are a coach or nutritionist and want to delete your account.

Couldn’t your question be answered? Send us a message at info@azum.ch and we will get back to you as soon as possible.