The most important features of the AZUM system at a glance

For Coaches & Trainers

AZUM has all the features of a modern coaching software.

Parameterize the intensities (watt, pulse, time per km or time per 100m) individually for each sport. Incl. Energy consumed in carbohydrates, fats and kcla.

Put the exact data eg. from a performance diagnostics, use the manual adjustment or deposit your own algorithm.

For Nutritionists

AZUM offers a food database. Based on the data of the Swiss Society of Nutrition, the exact nutritional values are stored for countless foods.

This allows you to make precise nutritional plans! As a result, you can create and save individual meals and diets for several weeks. Choose the desired foods and their amount, and AZUM shows you the energy contained (kcal, carbohydrates, fat).

In combination with the function for energy consumption, AZUM creates a clear energy balance. This can increase the performance even further.

For Athletes

Capture and control individual goals and competitions for each athlete. The achieved results can be recorded and evaluated for the monitoring.

From the AZUM training library you can roll out new templates for your trainings and let yourself be inspired. Adapt the training to your needs and get the best out of your training day.