Florin Salvisberg: Dream goal Olympics 2020

Pro-athlete Florin has a major goal for this year: Tokyo 2020. By representing Switzerland in triathlon at the Olympic Games, he would fulfill a hard-won dream.

“The excitement of success makes you want more”

After the Emmental started his year 2020 at the training camp in Gran Canaria, he is now in Thailand. Together with the Austrian national team, he is taking part in an important training block under conditions similar to Tokyo. The units with the training group motivate and help to identify where more potential lies: “Since I discovered triathlon, I have been passionate about it. The comparison with other world-class athletes is an additional boost. I can focus on my strengths and test my limits. Especially mentally it is important to be prepared for various situations. Particularly because it will be hot in Tokyo, in terms of temperature and competition”.

Give up? Not an option!

The U23 European champion of 2013 proved last year that he can withstand competitors and high temperatures. In Lima he finished second in the World Cup sprint – the emotions were incredible when he held the silver medal in his hands. “I fought with an injury 2 years ago, had to fight back afterward. Only a few believed in my return, and these few were right! I could prove I was capable, especially to myself”. He confirmed his form at the World Cup in Santo Domingo a short time later. He was among the top group and placed fifth. This gives even more self-confidence in his performance. “I am currently the outsider for Olympia, which means that I can compete in the next events without pressure. I know that I can excel in the sprint distance and will do my best to represent Switzerland”.

Florin does not miss a trick

Florin will be working hard to qualify for the Olympic Games. The university is on hold for the time being, there are several competitions on his agenda, including Sarasota and possibly even in Switzerland. All for the same goal. “I want to fill Sven Riederer’s shoes. I saw him win the bronze medal at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens during my household lessons in high school. However, it wasn’t primarily his success that distracted me from cooking, but his finish. He truly enjoyed it. This is exactly the moment I want to experience myself!”

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