Tailor-made training for you to be ready just in time for the day X


  • Capture your metabolic profile
  • Integrate your results from performance diagnostics
  • Save your inputs - AZUM system automatically adjusts all your workouts based on your information
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Goal Setting

  • Keep track of your goals and competitions
  • Create your training season
  • Optimize your diet for even better results (you get a comprehensive nutrition library for free use)
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  • Plan your workouts using a comprehensive training plan library
  • View your daily workout on your smartphone or take a PDF printout with you to the pool
  • Your individual intensities (watts, speed, pulse) are stored for each session
  • Mail notifications and calendar integration make sure you never miss a training session again
  • Record your feedback and document your results
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  • Get an overview of how you were able to implement your plan
  • Check and analyze your performance in detail via STRAVA
  • Compare energy intake and consumption (calories, fat, carbohydrates, proteins)
  • Let your insights influence your planning
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Boost your training