Create your own coaching world​

You want to take your coaching to the next level? With AZUM you get your own platform for training and nutrition management. You design the user interface according to your ideas, create your training library and store individual intensity zones, algorithms and instruction videos. Your athletes train in your world.

Everything at a glance

AZUM system helps you to concentrate on coaching. On one platform you manage all your athletes, track their progress and share plans with them – anywhere and anytime.

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Maximum training success

Training results of your athletes are automatically synchronized and compared to the planning. Monitor and analyse their training progress, health status, fatigue and mental factors and design their training to ensure maximum success.

Your athletes stick to the training

To make sure that training is adhered to, your athletes will receive email reminders upon request. Get their feedback via their account and deepen the relationship with them.

Supports your coaching philosophy

You can adapt your AZUM platform 100% to your coaching/consulting style. For example, you can choose whether you want to plan manually with standard algorithms, your own algorithms or by integrating performance diagnostic data.

Nutrition included

We provide you with the solution for nutritional planning right away. Based on the metabolic profile of your customers and their training, you know their individual energy consumption. AZUM system enables you to plan nutritional supplements, sports food and entire menus on the same platform.

Top level data security

You and your athletes data stay in your cloud, nobody outside has access to them. Everything is stored on highly reliable servers.

Multi-sport capable

You do not (only) coach swimmers, cyclists and runners? No problem. AZUM system supports all endurance sports and athletic programs.