Professional nutrition planning with food database and energy calculator


  • Capture the metabolic profile of your customers
  • Get the basal metabolic rate complemented with Physical Activity (PAL) or displayed individually
  • Save the inputs - AZUM system automatically adjusts the calorie consumption based on your data
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Goal setting

  • Discuss the goals (e.g. weight goals) with your customers and document them in AZUM system
  • Determine the nutrition strategy for your customers
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  • Plan the day-to-day nutrition of your customers. Use your own templates and our nutrition database with over 10'000 stored foods
  • Take a look at the composition of your plans (kcal, carbohydrates, fat, protein) and optimize your plans with the energy macro nutrient requirement calculator
  • Make the concrete nutrition plans available to your customers on the smartphone (or as a PDF if required)
  • Energy and macronutrient requirements are adjusted individually for each customer
  • Mail notifications and calendar integration keep your customers on top of their nutrition plans
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  • Take a look at the energy balance and get an overview of how your customers were able to implement the specifications
  • Complete your analysis with qualitative feedback
  • Let the insights improve planning
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Digitize your nutritional advice