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AZUM coaching system offers a variety of essential features for the everyday work of coaches, trainers and personal coaches.

AZUM System – Feature Overview

You can record as many sports as you want and adapt your coaching to these sports. It's perfectly suitable for individual or team sports. For each sport you can record specific trainings, e.g. biking: Record trainings on rollers, time trial, MTB or racetrack trainings. You can also adapt your athletic trainings to your individual needs so that they are suited for different sports. The training planning is very flexible and can be adapted to all challenges.
Watt, minutes per kilometer, minute per 100 meters, pulse etc. are shown in the training plan individually for each athlete and training. With these modules you can give each athlete his exact values and adapt the training planning to the needs of each athlete. The values can either be visible or blanked out for the athlete. With this feature each training plan is created automatically in a dynamic way and visible to the athlete.
You can determine and describe the intensity for each sport, including videos. You can record as many sports as want and specify if they should be shown with watts, pulse, time per kilometer or time per 100 meters. The values can be combined with simple parameters (algorithm) to meet the individual needs of each athlete in the best way possible.
You can record and describe any number of exercises. Athletic and strength exercises can be equipped with your own videos to ensure a correct performance by the athlete.
Create a template for a training plan for just one day up to several months. With the generator you can easily save the period. During the training planning you can roll out the entire training plan or just single sets, depending on the athlete. The parameters like pace, watts etc. of the athlete are automatically taken into account.
You can record different products for your athlete and by the end of the month you can easily bill the athlete using the data from the system.
Every morning the athletes receive their plan for the day via email. You as coach get a notification the day before a set goal or a competition of an athlete. Reminders to give a feedback or to write down times from trainings are sent to the athlete via email.
Individual goals and competitions can be recorded for each athlete and can be coordinated accordingly. Competitions can be monitored to be compare the actual times with the set goals.
You can macro-manage the planning for your athletes and show them, when you plan high utilization weeks and when you plan recovery weeks. With macro-management you can plan the year of your athlete ideally.
On the dashboard you have an overview of all athletes. You see how many training periods are already visible for each athlete. For each athlete you can decide at what time they'll see their training plans. You can plan trainings in advance and release them accordingly. As master trainer you can choose other trainers that get access to the training plans of assigned athletes and can modify them.
You see the training load and the training specifications either for the day or the week next to each other. The athlete can record his subjective feel, and this data will be portrayed next to the training load and the training specifications. This is essential to individual coaching. The athlete can connect his Strava account to import all data.
The athlete has the possibility to sync the dates set by the coach to his own calendar on PC, Outlook, Mac etc. The Athlete can record exactly how often he can train. This makes the planning much easier.
Prepare training plans over any periods to represent and reflect your business and your offers. You can integrate these training plans easily with a link on your website or in your newsletter. Potential new athletes can access this training planning directly and can easily be convinced by your offer.
You can use your own logo and CI, you can record the plans in your language and athletes can view them in other languages. At the moment we offer German, English and French.


Benefit from our simple price structure and pay only what you actually use:

CHF 29.- per month

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+ CHF 9.- per month

for every other athlete

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