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AZUM system
for training- and nutrition-planning

Designed for maximum efficiency in sports and nutrition

The innovative functions of AZUM system enable optimal training planning and monitoring for maximum performance improvement for each individual athlete.

AZUM system software offers a multitude of indispensable features for the daily work of coaches and nutritionists.

Clear training planning

Via smartphones everytime and everywhere accessible

Calendar synchronization

Link to Google, Outlook and other calendars


Simple and clear performance control

Efficient nutrition planning

Nutrition plans from over 3500 nutritional products


Provide training plans for athletes

AZUM sytem is the tool for coaches, nutritionists and athletes

AZUM system combines sport and nutrition coaching!
Take advantage of our simple pricing structure and pay only what you actually use.



CHF 29


3 athletes included
every additional athlete
plus CHF 9 / month

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CHF 39


3 customers included
every additional customer
plus CHF 9 / month

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Includes a training library with training plan templates and a variety of nutrition plans

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