Matthias Panoscha interviewed

Matthias Panoscha running on the street

Interview with Coach Matthias Panoscha

Matthias Panoscha works at Running Green, a running and triathlon shop in Hamburg, Germany. Additionally, Matthias is a professional coach. For his coaching, he started using AZUM about a year ago. We took the chance to speak with Matthias Panoscha about his work and experience with our sports-coaching tool.

Question 1: Matthias, what interests you as a coach and how did you end up coaching?

Matthias: As a coach I am a very inquisitive person. I read a lot about new training methods and then like to test them. It gives me great pleasure to lead different athletes through different training approaches to their personal success. For me, the coaching has developed gradually. First it was friends and acquaintances who asked more and more often for tips and training plans. I have always trained in a structured manner according to self-written training plans. So, I started gradually to write training plans for the others. At first, only for my parents who run marathons and run triathlons. Later for friends. Then professionally, starting three years ago.

Question 2: Since when are you using AZUM and how did you find out about the tool?

Matthias: I came across AZUM during a course for triathlon coaching in Germany at the end of 2017. Now I use AZUM for triathlon coaching, including strength and yoga workouts, or other compensation sports. Today I look after about 30 athletes with the tool.

Question 3: What convinced you to work with AZUM?

Matthias: After a short test period with some athletes, I was convinced by the handling. For coaches and athletes alike. Above all, I really like the possibility to receive individual feedback and the graphical processing of it. Of course, I look at the hard performance data of athletes as a coach. But I am convinced that “soft” components such as sleep, motivation, stress and the like, tell much more about the athletic performance or performance potential and definitely have influence on it. To me, those were the main points that made me choose against the likes of TrainingPeaks or TodaysPlan. I also like that AZUM is not that big and the direct contact with the employees is very pleasant. In addition, the connection to Strava allows compatibility with just about all sports watches and bike computers. This makes the system easy to use.

Question 4: How went the transition to AZUM? And how do your athletes get along with AZUM?

Matthias: I worked with Atleta before. The transition took a bit of time to rebuild all my training sessions. But then AZUM was easy to use! I already received a lot of positive feedback from my athletes during the testing period. My athletes are very happy about the little things. For example, the possibility to print plans directly, as well as the connection to calendars. In addition, my English-speaking athletes are very happy about the multilingual function in AZUM. Especially if the German descriptions are a bit difficult to understand, it is great if you can just switch to English.

Question 5: How do you use AZUM during a regular working day?

Matthias: I use AZUM almost every day. Thanks to the email notifications, I can quickly respond to athlete feedback. Since the website also works great on my mobile phone, I often only take a quick look on the phone. Thus, I can quickly make small changes in the plans or whatever needs to be done.

Question 6: Do you have wishes on how AZUM could be improved further?

Matthias: I would be happy if training sessions could be transferred directly to bike computers or cycling trainer. In addition, I am personally quite interested in mental training. It would be terrific to see something implemented into AZUM revolving around this topic. I am not sure on how it could or should be done, but nevertheless I would be happy about it.

We thank Matthias Panoscha and wish him all the best for the future!