Macro planning

With AZUM System macro planning tool you can optimally plan ahead your season. Whether you are a coach or an athlete, a structured season is key for excellent performance.

As a coach you can use this feature to schedule on and off weeks or training camps with ease. Also, taking care of e.g. Age Group athletes is simple now. After entering the macro cycles, the athletes see which weeks will be focused on training and when there is time for other things.

In return, this process works of course the other way round. Athletes can inform their coaches via AZUM System when they are occupied. Simply mark those days in the calendar and your coach is still able to create the optimal macro planning for all athletes.

In addition, the different views reaching from week to month to year allow for detailed planning. The yearly view gives you a general overview of when training is prioritized or it’s time to relax. Especially valuable for closer planning is the weekly view. There you see at a glance what is planned in a macro-like manner and thus can optimally implement the micro planning.

With this feature your season is planned on point to deliver the best performances and results.

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Annual view – Macro planning

Monthly view – Macro planning

Weekly view -Macro planning