Nicola Spirig’s seven winning tips

Last week, Nicola Spirig’s gave us reason to smile. The Olympic triathlon champion can’t keep her hands off chocolate. Also, she can’t keep her hands off wanting gold. To reach this goal she is training impressively hard, as she explained at the AtupriFit event at the HWZ Zurich. Let’s review Nicolas’ tips for the way to top performance.

1. the existing bases

Nicola is convinced that each of us has a sporting talent. If it is stimulated with training, it gives an athlete a boost on the way to improving performance. Fostering talent also means investing time. If our environment supports us in this, then (almost) nothing can stop us.

2. the ambitious and realistic goal

Co-athletes, we must grit our teeth! Our own talent and the positive environment only form the basis. On the way to the top, we have to set ourselves goals. They should be high so that we are disciplined. But not out of reach, so that we remain motivated. Set milestones that reward you on your way to the highest goal.

3. the will to pursue the goal permanently

Did we mention that we have to grit our teeth? The will to achieve our goals is the be-all and end-all. Of course there are always setbacks. Nicola, for example, trained in 2016 with a lot of metal in her hand after her bike crash in Abu Dhabi. Her goal was to defend her title at the Olympic Games in Rio 166 days after the horror crash. She pulled out all the stops – and won silver.

4. the consistent willingness for further improvement

You must want progress. Reflect your training development, but also your emotional world. Get feedback from outside. Make changes in your training as long as you can consciously decide for the time and form. This also includes risking something and separating yourself from the familiar. Nicola recommends for this step not to simply devalue the old. Rather, we should take with us what has worked. A mix of old and new allows us to become stronger.

5. the supportive environment

The environment is a source of motivation and provides encouragement. The family gives the last rush on the finish line with their cheers. The exchange of experiences among fellow athletes provides valuable stimulus for personal improvement. Coaches (training/nutrition) plan, talk into the conscience and push beyond the borders. Build up an environment that fits your mentality.

6. the mental strength

How we respond to any circumstance often determines whether we win or lose. To work on mental strength, question your intuition: “Was it really as good as it felt?” Think big. Trust in your abilities. Aim for solutions. Especially the latter is important. If you concentrate only on the problems/negatives, you block yourself. Rather, remember similar problem situations that you have successfully mastered and use this action for the present. If you overcome the feeling of have your back up against the wall, you will achieve the unbelievable.

7. the meticulous plan

Discipline, passion and the goal in mind is not everything. A plan helps to understand the body better. It prepares for special circumstances. It lets plateaus break through. And: In key situations, it allows experiences to be drawn from, in order to react effortlessly. It is therefore worthwhile to put one together.

With these seven tips we will be able to experience the overwhelming emotions after the finish and be proud of our new personal best.

If you would like support along the way, feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist!