Subjective feedback – the key to success

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Subjective feedback is essential for comprehensive training planning!

Athlete monitoring is important for training management and performance review. Monitoring is achieved through objective and subjective measures. Objective measures refer to “hard” values such as performance, physiological, or bio-mechanical stats. Examples are time, distance, power or heart rate. The subjective or “soft” component in contrast, deals with the personal well-being of athletes.

Quite often training planning is primarily based on “hard” data. Those values are easy to understand and comparable. Thus, many athletes and coaches train and live by these “hard” traits. They attribute success as well as failure to only those components.

Naturally, the objectively measurable performance stats are an important part of training planning. However, a comprehensive and thoughtful training plan requires more. In particular, the subjective feedback of athletes! A recent review paper showed that subjective measures reflect the state of athletes’ well-being better than objective measures. Therefore, it is essential that coaches incorporate subjective feedback more into their planning processes.

Accordingly, subjective feedback has a high priority at AZUM. For the best athlete monitoring, athletes provide daily feedback. Information like health, motivation, nutrition and more is graphically summarized and clearly presented. In return coaches receive meaningful insights into their athletes’ overall state. They can detect risks of over-training and alike in time and apply preventive measures. This is inevitable for comprehensive and individual training planning. Being able to act quickly and adapt to individual needs, allows coaches to precisely tailor training programs to improve their athlete’s performance!


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Subjective athlete feedback
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