Top-level cross-country skiing thanks to partnership with Flury sports & coaching

With Flury sports & coaching AZUM system wins a strong cross-country partner! The partnership aims to further develop and make available the joint cross-country skiing know-how.

Barbara and Christian “Hitsch” Flury-Mettler bring concentrated cross-country skiing knowledge to the partnership: Christian is a certified trainer of top-class sport and currently brings more than 20 years of professional experience to Swiss Ski and Flury sports & coaching as a cross-country skiing coach. Barbara’s background is no less impressive: OK President FIS World Cup Davos Nordic, participation in various World Championships and Olympic Games (Albertville ’92 and Lillehammer ’94) speak for themselves and guarantee top-level cross-country skiing.

“Cross-country skiing, movement, cause and effect, networking; these are our strengths, built on years of experience, further training and passion. Now is the time for me to get my act together, implement ideas and share know-how. AZUM system is the ideal partner for us, because our structured trainings can be perfectly reproduced and we can support cross-country skiers even better.”

Barbara Flury, Owner, Flury sports & coaching

About Flury sports & coaching

Our company is young but old in experience. Cross-country skiing has accompanied us through life since childhood and is still a content of our being and working and our passion. While Barbara was active as an athlete at the highest international level, Christian has completed all training levels in the trainer business and is regarded as one of the most experienced cross-country trainers at all levels. Barbara has turned to the mental area, to being human and the health aspects, while Christian is active in competitive sports. Flury sports & coaching stands for all-round experience and sound training in all areas. So we bring all relevant aspects together and offer a package that is very unique. We are proud to have created with this all-round package an offer that goes beyond the normal; always ready and open for the extra mile.