We support you holistically in achieving new records.

Why AZUM system?
Because your individuality is important to us.

Maximum effectiveness in training

All relevant training and health data including metabolic profiles of your athletes are clearly displayed. In this way you can individualise your planning and make your training even more effective.

Supports your coaching philosophy

You can adapt the platform 100% to your coaching / consulting style. For example you can choose whether you want to plan with standard algorithms, your own algorithms or manually.

Nutritional planning made easy

Get the solution for your nutritional consultation at the same time: Based on the metabolic profile of your customers, you know their energy consumption. On this basis, you plan the energy supply and supervise this in monitoring.

Your cloud tailored for you

You design the interface according to your wishes (with company name and logo), your data and those of your athletes are protected. You also have a smart solution for athlete management and administration in one place.