Update: Individual pacing

Individual pacing is now even more adjustable.

It’s important for a coach to set the right training zones so that their athletes will train at their best. Before, your pace and heart rate zones were elaborately calculated based on values you entered (maximal HR, best time, FTP,…). Now you can adjust every detail to your liking. Withing the settings in your profile you can dive in deep to create perfection. Adjust all intensity zones accurately down to the last beat, second, or watt! Coaches are now in full control of athletes’ individual pacing for the respective intensity zones!
With this update you as a coach can create the most accurate training specifications. Your athletes will always know their individual pacing as it’s directly displayed in their training files. No more guessing about zones, because it’s all boiled town to the last watt, km/h, or inch!

Enjoy the new freedom and precision which comes with this update.

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