Update: Overview of Competitions and Goals

The new Competition/Goals section provides a detailed overview of all your athletes races and results.

A detailed overview of upcoming events and goals is extremely important for any coach. Thus, this new tool is a perfect extension to our existing services. You as a coach are now fully in control as well as saving some valuable time.

Just head over to the Competition/Goals section and you are presented with a in-depth overview of all your athletes. All upcoming events and goals are displayed for the respective athletes. To get the most out of the overview, you should use the filter and search function. This allows you to easily toggle between specific athletes or time points. Hence you can select certain athletes or training groups and get the summary of all upcoming events for them. Not only is this essential information for every coach, but it is also valuable for training regulation. Additionally, the export function allows to create an excel sheet for further processing, e.g. printing or handing out to athletes.

All in all this new tool is a great extension to our service. The quick access to all their athletes’ events and goals allows coaches to be even more efficient. Less time lost to organizational and administrative tasks, more time available for coaching!

Just go and try it yourself – get your account here.