Welcome to AZUM system, Philipp and Laura!

We are stoked to welcome Philipp Seipp and Laura Philipp at AZUM system. The athletic couple will play a major role in developing our platform in the future. This will ensure that you can exploit your potential with us and beat new records. On the subject of potential, Philipp explains in this interview what he sees in AZUM system and what motivated him to join us.

It’s nice to have you and Laura on board, Philipp. Please tell our users why you decided to cooperate with AZUM system.
I particularly appreciate the openness of the platform. It is not bound to any training dogma, for example, cycling does not necessarily have to be controlled via FTP as is the case with other platforms. This gives us coaches the freedom to offer the athlete a variety of options, ranging from nutritional optimisation to watching a video on, for example, strength training exercises, to personalised training planning. These are enhancements in training platforms that do not exist in this form elsewhere.

Where is there potential?
AZUM system progressively evolves into a smart tool that combines human thinking and automated processes. Thanks to this combination, training units can be managed in a way which allows the athlete to reach his or her individual best form. We also keep an eye on the interaction with the coach and athletes: Via the platform, the coach is provided with the information he needs to meet the specific needs of each individual athlete. This leads to an optimal exchange of information between coach and athlete and at the same time strengthens the personal relationship.

As you have pointed out, the relationship between coach and athlete is important. How does the platform support you in mentoring your athletes?
I see the added value especially in the fact that, as a coach, I can be flexible and pass on know-how in a simple and targeted way; whether to all athletes at the same time or specifically to individual ones. Besides providing training plans, there is also important information for performance-related development. Especially the latter cannot simply be packed into a single file. The platform solves this problem effectively as I can share content in different formats like videos. These possibilities improve my processes and increase the quality of my athletes’ training. I am already looking forward to training my #seippsquad athletes with AZUM Coach. We are working on a complete migration by the end of the year at the latest.

The service includes both training and nutritional planning. Why is the integration of such data important for performance improvement?
I am convinced that nutrition and training planning must be mutually considered. People are becoming more and more insecure about what is right to eat or what is not – a lot of fat? Little fat? What about carbohydrates? I also notice this in the sports scene. With the nutrition tool, I can facilitate the athlete’s orientation. For certain sessions, it is important that they are loaded with carbohydrates, for other training sessions the exact opposite is the case. Through nutritional planning not only the performance is increased, but the natural access to food is sustained.

What objectives are you heading for with the entire AZUM team in the future?
We want to offer the most multifaceted and open solution that enables the trainer to realise his ideas, philosophies and principles. We provide the coaches with a tool to address athletes of (almost) every sport. Coaching situations in 1-to-1 are and remain the most important component in popular and especially competitive sports. At the same time, geographical distances are becoming greater. With AZUM system, we build the bridge and bring coaches and athletes closer together.

We are already looking forward to developing AZUM system with Philipp and Laura for you athletes and coaches. Stay up to date on new features – be sure to check our blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and to subscribe to our newsletter!